Chandler Phillips

Brooklyn, NY
University Of California, Santa Barbara
Food, Culture, History
  • Chandler is an avid food enthusiast with over five years in the culinary field.
  • He was a publicity writer for several fine-dinning establishments and entertainment venues in Las Vegas.
  • He has been a cohost/coproducer of the beverage review podcast "Was That in Good Taste" for the past four years.


Chandler may be a newcomer to the Daily Meal team, but he's no stranger to food writing. He started his culinary career working in kitchens while studying sociology at UC Santa Barbara. His fascination with food history and passion for writing continued beyond college with his experience in restaurant public relations. He was the social media content and press release writer for a Las Vegas-based company, PR Plus, which worked with a variety of high-end dining establishments. After moving to New York, Chandler began a personal writing blog for recipes, food reviews, and editorials. While working at a local fine wines and spirits shop in Hell's Kitchen in Manhattan, Chandler met James Beary. The two began producing the podcast "Was That in Good Taste," a show about the history of the spirits industry and future beverage trends.


Chandler has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from UC Santa Barbara with an emphasis on World History.
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