Austin's Noble Pig Coming To Brooklyn For 2 Days Only

If you love sandwiches (and who doesn't?) Austin's Noble Pig is worth knowing about. We've featured them on these pages as a Sandwich of the Week before, and they've garnered quite the cult following down in Texas. For those of us up in New York City, all we could do was look on in envy, until now.

Pork Slope, the Park Slope, Brooklyn "roadhouse"-style bar run by chef Dale Talde (of Top Chef fame) has teamed up with the Noble Pig's chef John Bates, and he'll be flying up to Brooklyn for two days to jump into the kitchen there and add a few signature dishes to Pork Slope's menu (which also happens to include some of the country's best tater tots).

Crispy trotters and pickles; duck cotto salami; a 30-day aged and pressed ham sandwich with red eye gravy and greens; and a smoked beef tongue sandwich with red pepper relish and aioli will all be on offer on Tuesday, May 14 and Wednesday, May 15, from 5 p.m. to close.

These offerings might sound a little "out there," but trust us: it will be delicious.