The Art Of The Party Cracker

We've introduced you to Pimlott. & Co., the ladies who are bringing originality to parties everywhere with their festive and original take on celebration décor. It's safe to say these two know their way around a party cracker, and now, company founders Carin Garland and Sandra Murray are sharing with The Daily Meal what makes a party cracker so fun and what's special about the ones they create. 

What makes party crackers fun?
1. The pop: It's a great way to bond with the person next to you at the table.
2. The goodies inside: Typically, there is much fun to be had in reading the jokes, laughing at the goodies around the table, or even (playfully) scolding the kids for eating their candy before dinner.
3. The hats: They're also called crowns, which are actually what they were supposed to represent in party crackers' original incarnations. The crowns are colorful and a great leveler of egos, but our crackers go further by making the hats charming and clever and less humiliating.

What's the story with the hats?
Anyone who has grown up with party crackers knows the issue with the hats. Until ours, they have been made of tissue paper. A look around the table would show several people with the crowns falling down around their noses because they were too big, several people with them splitting because they were too small, and several people just absolutely refusing to wear them at all. As far as we can tell, we make the only crackers with non-traditional hats — or at least we're among the very, very few out there who do.

Take a gander on Etsy or Facebook and check out Pimlott & Co.'s party crackers and the rest of their festive décor for the holidays or for any occasion you may have coming up. A party cracker would really add that something extra to your next gathering, don't you think?