The Art of the Cozy Breakfast Nook

Cozying up to a nice read over coffee sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Make your breakfast nook your own with these tips

If you are so lucky as to have a breakfast nook in your home, here’s what we have to say to that: We’re jealous. Sure, the pleasure of owning your own home is a treat in itself, but having a cozy corner breakfast nook is just as big a score as having, say… a butler’s pantry.

Since you’re obviously living the high life, we’re going to guide toward making the most of your breakfast nook:

Own the natural light: Most breakfast nooks are blessed with either one window or a wraparound window, so when searching around for curtains or drapes, get a sheer or light-colored set that will catch the light beautifully. If you have a nook without a window, now’s your time to shine — get a whimsical chandelier to add a bit of color.

Bloomers: On the note of natural light, the nook is a prime spot for flowers or plants since it will get a great amount of sunlight.

Colors, cushions, and pillows: There’s a ton of opportunity to play with color and texture in the nook. The usual setup is that of a booth or bench situation, so add colored cushions with pillows that offset it with a fun pattern or print.

Storage: Store your linens and seasonal pillow cases as well as servers and plates underneath your benches — it makes for easy access and hidden tidying, which is rare!

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