Is The Aronia Berry The New Superfood?

If the aronia berry is not yet on your radar, it should be. This North American "superberry" is gaining a reputation as a disease-fighting superfood that rivals the Amazon acai, the Austrian elderberry, and the Patagonian maqui with its levels of natural anti-oxidants.

The aronia berry, which is found in North American woodlands and swamps, is also named chokeberry for its somewhat harsh flavor, and comes in a variety of red, purple, and black-purple colors. Naturally purple fruits are generally rich in antioxidants, as they provide cell-protecting and anti-inflammatory properties.

In the battle to be the best superberry, aronia rises to the top as a natural powerhouse that has cancer fighting abilities along with anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-diabetic properties. The aronia berry is reported to have greater antioxidant activity than cranberries, blueberries, goji, and other similar superberries.

Further, unlike many fruits, aronia berries are naturally pest-resistant and thus do not require the use of agricultural toxins, allowing the fruit to easily receive a USDA organic certification. 

Is your mouth watering yet? Well you'll be happy to know that now, the aronia berry is only a click away.

Superberries, a brand of health and wellness products that began in a small store in Omaha, Nebraska, has come out with its own line of aronia berry products that you can purchase online with the click of a mouse. The Superberries online store introduces a simple way to include anti-oxidants into your every day diet. Products span from 100 percent aronia berry concentrate and blended drinks, to gummy chews and freshly frozen berries.

In starting up its online store, Superberries has aimed to create a product line that harnesses the aronia berry's powerful health effects in a way that is easier for consumers to eat, prepare, and incorporate into their daily lives. Because Superberries' frozen aronia berries are grown in the heartland of America, they're more environmentally friendly than other frozen berry products that must be imported from other regions or countries.

Superberries products are available nationwide at health food and grocery stores and online at If you're looking for a way to give your diet a nutritional boost, consider adding aronia berries to your weekly grocery list. Fighting disease, diabetes, cancer, and inflammation is as easy as aronia berry pie.