Are Naked Wedding Cakes The Next Big Trend?

We're all familiar with the phrase, "less is more," and apparently, that applies to wedding cakes. Left and right, we're seeing more and more frosting-less wedding cakes, and shockingly enough, they somehow seem to exude class. You may assume that un-adorned cakes would appear cheap and lacking effort, but if done properly, the effect is quite the opposite.

Hilary Duff included a naked wedding cake in her fairytale wedding theme in 2010, and even Victoria Beckham had one for her wedding in 1999, but she's always been ten steps ahead of every trend. Understated and natural, these cakes seem to convey a similar character as "rustic" baked goods and recipes- a feeling of comfort and home.

Adorned with countless varieties of assorted fruits and flours, these tasteful confections are on the rise and parading the wedding scene, and frankly, although they reject tradition, they are irresistibly adorable.

So as you attend summer weddings, keep an eye out for these humble assortments. And if you're planning a wedding of your own, consider going against the grain (or in this case, the icing).