Are Cereals Going Extinct?

While most nutritionists are happy that many Americans have become more health conscious and are now cutting carbs, sugar, and gluten from their diets, the leading cereal companies are panicking for the same reason.

Major corporations such as Kellogg, Post, and General Mills have all reported significant revenue decreases in the past year, which has spurred massive employee layoffs and factory closings around the nation. Goldman Sachs analysts note that big food companies have felt the negative effects of the cereal sales declines, even as they cut prices and squeeze margins. 

So, why the sudden change in American habits?

On the one hand, many researchers attribute the decreased interest in cereal to the latest anti-sugar, anti-carb health crazes that have cereals like Frosted Flakes and Fruit Loops facing extinction. 

Meanwhile, these newly health-conscious Americans report being too busy for consistent, sit down morning meals, opting instead for portable breakfast options like granola bars and meal-replacement shakes.

Even Pop-Tarts have remained in higher demand than the traditional breakfast cereals, showing the growing American trend towards a more on-the-go lifestyle.   

Desperate to get back in the game, Kellogg has responded to the anti-cereal crisis by introducing new lines of breakfast drinks, bars, and crackers to try and win back its customer base.  

Make these easy granola bars in advance, and reach for one next time you find yourself in need of an on-the-go snack.