Arby's Gets In The Swim With Crispy Cajun Fish Sandwich

Arby's may be known for roast beef, but if you prefer to reel in some seafood, with a little spice along for the ride, check out one of the chain's newest items. For a limited time only, Arby's is selling a crispy Cajun fish sandwich.

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Arby's didn't immediately reply to a request for comment, but the chain's website describes the new menu item as featuring, "Arby's crispy, golden, Alaskan pollock fried to perfection and topped with a zesty Cajun remoulade."

The site goes on to say, "Sure, you could go to Alaska, catch a pollock, and then go to Louisiana, and get authentic Cajun remoulade. But let's be honest ... Arby's is much closer."

The sandwich is served on a sesame-seed bun, and also comes topped with shredded iceberg lettuce.

Brand reports that the sandwich was tested in Indiana and Kentucky early in 2018. An Arby's representative told the blog that the sandwich was new, although Brand Eating says it's awfully similar to a Spicy Cajun Fish sandwich that was offered back in 2008.

Although it's a limited-time item, Brand Eating also notes that the sandwich will stick around through Easter, which is on April 21 in 2019, making it a practical Lent choice.

It's been a creative year at Arby's, what with the chain's beer can chicken sandwich and deep-fried turkey sandwich, among others. Whatever your sandwich selection, check out 10 crazy secrets your favorite fast-food chain doesn't want you to know.