Anheuser-Busch's Hipster Beer Will Make Its Debut at Super Bowl XLVII

Remember the Black Crown beer? It's being released for just for the Super Bowl

Remember that hipster, craft beer experiment Anheuser-Busch did with its Project 12 beers? And the ultimate winning recipe of the Project 12 brews, the Budweiser Black Crown? Now, it's being touted as the Super Bowl XLVII beer, coming out this month. 

Budweiser Black Crown is scheduled for sale Jan. 21, and will also have a big, splashy Super Bowl ad, according to a press release. (Because nothing says "small and artisanal" like a Super Bowl ad, right?) Anheuser-Busch is the exclusive beer advertiser of the Super Bowl, says USA Today  — and the ad was created by a director who won an Emmy for his previous Super Bowl commercials. So, it better be good. 

The brew was born from Project 12, where 12 of Bud's brewmasters created new brew recipes that fans could vote on. Ultimately, the Black Crown — a "golden amber lager" with caramel malts, domestic hops, and the original Budweiser strain of yeast used by Adolphus Busch in 1876 — was the winner. 


USA Today reports that it's the second year in a row Anheuser-Busch has touted a new beer during the Super Bowl; Bud Light Platinum was the ultimate Super Bowl beer last year. And much like its hipster story, AB execs hope that Black Crown will capture the millenial drinker. "This brand will appeal to a broad range of beer drinkers, but especially to 21-to-34-year-old, trend-setting-type consumers," said Budweiser vice president Rob McCarthy to USA Today. Well, with 110 million viewers expected to tune in to the Big Game this year, we can imagine that's a lot of hipsters (hey, hipsters can like sports, too!).