Andrew Zimmern's 9 Favorite Sandwiches Around The World

As the host of Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods, Andrew Zimmern has trekked across the globe in search of the world's most unusual foods. Although Zimmern's palette is no stranger to daring delicacies, such as teriyaki cockroaches and fried sparrows, a simple sandwich prevails at the top of his favorite foods list.

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Recently, The Daily Meal caught up with Zimmern at the Atlantic City Food & Wine Festival to find out his nine favorite sandwiches around the world. From a delicatessen in Brooklyn to a local food shack in Trinidad, Zimmern, who sliced up beef tongue sliders for festival goers as he spoke to The Daily Meal, reveals his choice of savory sandwiches and where to get some of them when on the road.

Even when he returns from hunting down the world's most bizarre eats, Zimmern said sandwiches are one of his family's go-to snacks when whipping up meals in the kitchen.

"Listen, I have a seven year old son, grilled cheese," replied Zimmern when asked what sandwich he most often makes at home.

Zimmern, who fires up the engine on his new food truck, which will roll across America to dish out menu items like tongue sliders and goat sausage sandwiches at the end of August, shares with The Daily Meal the sandwiches he savors the most.