And Here Is an Intricate 'Downton Abbey' Gingerbread Castle

Staff Writer
One man makes an impressive cookie rendition of Highclere Castle
Downton Abbey Gingerbread House
YouTube/Curtis Jensen

Thanks to our friends over at Grub Street, we're going to go hide our awful gingerbread houses in our closets now; this guy has built an impressive replica of the Downton Abbey estate (the real life Highclere Castle) in gingerbread form. It's jaw-dropping.

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In this video below, the pastry artist (yep, making that up) bakes the front of the top tower, painstakingly cuts out windows, ices decorative designs to mimic the stonework, and adds on gum drops and mints for extra holiday cheer. You watch this for the first three minutes thinking, "This isn't too bad for a gingerbread house." And then you see the rest of it.

Watch below as Curtis Jensen assembles the entire castle, attaching a foam core to almost every gingerbread piece so the creation can stay upright. This isn't the first time Jensen has created an epic gingerbread mansion; last year, he replicated Notre Dame in Paris, complete with Sour Patch kids.


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