Americans Resolving to Go Vegan, Gluten-Free in the New Year

According to a survey, American adults are focusing on well-being, eco-friendly choices in 2013

Looks like 2013 just might be the year for veganism; not only is Next planning an all vegan tasting menu, but according to a survey from the Values Institute at DGWB, vegan and gluten-free diets are the trends for 2013.

The survey of 2,800 adults found that the top five consumer health trends for next year will include: food-waste consciousness, wellness in workplaces, an increase in snacking, and a rise in veganism and gluten-free diets.

Of course, these aren't particularly new trends; currently, 39 percent of Americans feel guilty about throwing away food, and snacks make up one in every five eating occasion. But it looks like health is one of the bigger resolutions of the new year, instead of wealth.


According to Mike Weisman, president of the Values Institute, health is the primary goal of three out of four consumers. "More than ever, health is the new prestige barometer — meaning that most Americans would rather be called healthy than wealthy," Weisman told LiveScience.