Ambitious Entrepreneur Started A Cronut Delivery Service

One of New York's ambitious entrepreneurs came up with a surefire route to success this week: cronuts. He or she won't be inventing them, of course, because Dominique Ansel already took care of that. Instead this get-rich-quick scheme involves taking cronut scalping to the next level with a "Premium Cronut Delivery Service."

"Our white glove service enables you to enjoy New York's hottest confection without waiting in line at 5am in front of the Dominique Ansel Bakery," the CroissantDoughnut website advertises. "We'll wait in line, get your order (1, 2 or 10 cronuts at this time), and deliver it to you—same day, with a smile. Our services are Monday through Friday only at this time."

The company promises to deliver a single cronut for $100, two for $200, or 10 cronuts for $3,000 (that works out to $300 per cronut). Supplies are limited so they will only take five deliveries per day, and run a queue for the upcoming days.

Why wait in line like a sucker when you can pay $300 for a pastry?

Premium or not, the delivery service will likely have no cooperation from the bakery, however, as Gothamist reports that Dominique Ansel has already been throwing out "cronut scalpers" as he finds them.

"Found 2 scalpers and threw them out. People – these guys smell like alcohol and haven't showered for bought food they touched?!!" he Tweeted.

Maybe that's why this new operation promises "white glove service."