Alton Brown Live Tour Tickets On Sale This Friday


Alton Brown’s ‘Edible Inevitable’ tour is going to get messy — ponchos will be needed for audience members in the first three rows.

Iron Chef and Food Network Star Alton Brown is going on his first live tour this fall, and tickets go on sale this Friday.

“I’ve been cultivating material for this show for about a decade, so it’ll feel pretty darned good to finally get it out of my head and onto a stage,” Brown said in a press release.

The 90-minute show includes cooking demonstrations, live music, and “bizarre, messy experiments.” So messy, in fact, that the first three rows of the audience is provided ponchos.

There will also be plenty of audience interaction.

“If you’re called upon as a culinary assistant, you’ll definitely want to take the lab coat Brown offers as things tend to get messy,” the tour site says.

So far, 35 shows around the country are scheduled, with the first on October 18 in Palm Desert, Calif. Tickets can be bought online beginning at 10 a.m. on Friday.

The show in Atlanta on February 28 will be a homecoming of sorts, as Brown and his family live in Marietta, and he graduated from the University of Georgia in Athens.


“I feel like we’ve come up with some pretty amazing food demos, and the multimedia segments are solid. But I do have to say I’m a bit nervous about the singing parts,” Brown said.