A.G. Bistro: Not Quite There Yet

Not Quite There Yet

The Upper West Side’s A.G. Bistro is a newcomer to the area but is in a location that has seen many restaurants over the years. Sorry to say, though, that A.G. Bistro is going to have a very hard time of it. In an area that has recently seen some very good new entries at just about every price point (from Dovetail on down), this is an establishment that mixes high prices with not-great food and minimal ambiance. 

The menu is set up with relatively small portions (French tapas, perhaps) but at rates that would suggest full-on entrées. What’s more, the food is not outstanding.  Good, sure, but nothing to warrant the price points. One prawn with some minimal greens at $9 is a bit steep anywhere, let alone an Upper West Side neighborhood spot.

That said, the prawn was good, as was a very small skirt steak and a rather plain fish dish. But not nearly good enough to warrant top-tier pricing even if the setting had been better.

I have to say I was warned away from this spot for exactly these reasons but tried it anyway, so in the end I suppose I got what I deserved. Suffice it to say that this was a one-time event. Hopefully you will be wiser than I and actually listen to the folks who have ventured into this room.