Aarón Sanchez on Popchips and Tailgating

The Food Network star created awesome pairings for his dream tailgate

Beer, Popchips, delicious dishes—oh!—and the big game.

When we think of tailgating, we tend to think heavy, belly-busting recipes — and we usually don’t mind; nachos, beer dip, and burgers are typical game day fare. However, what if we could experience the same bold flavors that come from those dishes, sip great beers, and not have to worry about the calories? We would be very happy.

Popchips and Beer Pairings from Aarón Sanchez!

Food Network’s Aarón Sanchez loves to tailgate and obviously loves to cook. By pairing the flavor-packed Popchips tortilla chips with dishes and various varieties of beer, he was able to produce the same tastes as typical game day food with less fat and more fun. Here are his tips on how to score with Popchips and beer and his dream tailgate: 

"Fall is my favorite time of year. As a chef, I can’t get enough of all the different flavors that come with the season — the vegetables, herbs, and spices. You can make so many delicious, flavorful dishes by letting the ingredients speak for themselves and manipulating them as little as possible."

It's also the start of football season and I’m a huge Saints fan! On Sundays, I love getting together with my friends and family to watch the games. My ideal tailgating party is pretty simple: lots of beer, and a variety of my favorite dips to go along with tortilla Popchips."