Japanese Food Fair Serves Tokyo Treats

Mitsuwa Marketplace hosts a gourmet food fair with Japanese flair

Mitsuwa Marketplace shops in California, Illinois and New Jersey are hosting a gourmet food fair in June.

Top chefs from Japan are headed to Mitsuwa Marketplace stores in California, Chicago and New Jersey to prepare authentic Japanese fare during the supermarket’s seventh annual Umaimono Gourmet Food Fair. The four-day food festival is Thursday to Sunday in the Torrance, Cosa Mesa and San Diego stores and on June 21 - 24 in the Chicago and Edgewater, NJ stores.

Kyohei Fujiwara and Jumpei Kawabe, chefs at Ichimonji Ramen in Hakodate, Hokkaido are making their special miso ramen, a rich and powerful soup made by boiling pork bones and fully aged miso paste for 10 hours.

Takaharu Ueda and Tomohiro Onitsuka, chefs at Shiki in Tottori prefecture to prepare inari sushi, sushi rice in a fried tofu curd pocket stuffed with Shiki’s signature Red Queen Crab.

Chefs from Kobe Fugetsudo in Kobe will prepare a medley of light and airy custard cream, matcha custard, chestnut cream for waffles and custard cream for cream puffs.

Mitsuwa Marketplace has nine stories in the US. Mitsuwa Marketplace is the largest Japanese supermarket chain in the U.S. and carries over 1 million items, including a wide range of Japanese groceries, cosmetics and household items with 95 percent of their products coming from Japan. All Mitsuwa Marketplace shops have specialty restaurants on site including confectionery gift shops, dessert shops, and ramen and noodle shops.