9 Ways To Entertain Kids On A Snow Day

When winter arrives children live for one thing: A snow day. They sleep with their pajamas inside out, a spoon under their pillow, or simply cross their finger and wish upon a star in hopes to wake up to a world covered in white. And at least once a winter, little ones believe in magic as they wake up to a blanket of snow so heavy the only place one can go is the backyard to play. If the snow is particularly bad, a snow day can turn into a snow-week which can turn magic into mayhem.

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If you have little ones that need constant entertaining, you need to be prepared for days shut in with them. Of course every parent loves the extra time they get, but if the storm is bad enough to lock them indoors or even (heaven forbid) knock out the power, there has to be something they can do to keep them occupied.

Lucky for you we have a few tricks up our sleeves to help you show them a great time while having fun yourself. Use the snow to your advantage and make clean-snow snow cones. Can't get out the door? Fret not, you can have the little ones bake their own crayons or make art projects out of food stamps. Whatever the weather is like outside, you can make it warm and fun for your kid! To check out all of our fun ideas for a great snow day, visit our slideshow!