9 Sexy Cakes

Sweet and sassy treats to add a red-hot element to any celebration

A hippopotamus bathing beauty? Now that's sexy.

Typically, sexy cakes are reserved for just those all too racy, over-the-top bachelor or bachelorette celebrations. Not anymore. Even those who love to languish in the tub, or are known for their skills on the dance floor, can have a little fun when blowing out the candles.

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Looking to liven up that momentous birthday or bachelorette celebration? Forget the pole dancing lessons and strippers and focus on the cake. But get your head out of the gutter! The cake need not be distasteful to be red-hot and racy enough to thrill the guest of honor.

When it comes to birthday and wedding cakes, often those covered in flowers, inspired by an animal, or resembling a favorite food often come to mind. Not something sassy or a bit outlandish. But for someone obsessed with one song by Rihanna, sometimes only a cake quite out of the ordinary will suffice.

Say the woman in your life is turning the big 5-0. While she might look 49 going on 29 in your mind still, she more than likely is feeling a bit less sexy, and has taken in to trading in the bikinis of yesterday with cover-ups, wrinkle cream, and maybe even Botox. But for one night, bring a smile to her face with a cake that shows how red-hot you really think she is.

Celebrating a bride-to-be? Bring a blushing pink to her cheeks with a playful cake inspired by all that sexy lingerie she’ll be showered with for her honeymoon. For the friend who is known for her Marilyn Monroe Halloween costume, recreate the memories in sugar for her special day. Looking for something just a bit naughty, and maybe to celebrate the premiere of the next Twilight movie, opt for a cake that is a little less nice.


Click here to see the 9 Sexy Cakes Slideshow.