9 Scary Campfire Stories That'll Make You Drop Your S'mores

As the sun sets over the horizon, a blistering chill sweeps through the air. All is quiet, save for the few nocturnal animals crooning their eerie night-time tunes. The only warmth and light you'll receive is from the glow of your campfire.

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As you are roasting your marshmallows for s'mores and the fire crackles into the air, a flashlight is flicked on and a creepy laugh breaks up the deafening silence. Startled you look to your fellow campers for answers and hear that old familiar opening line:

"Have you ever heard the tale of..."

For those that enjoy the great outdoors, unplugging from life and heading for the literal hills is an affair that involves a ton of fun in the arms of nature. From fly fishing to hiking through the forest, campers find fun without the help of technology, and a classic way to pass the time around the campfire is to tell scary stories. Some campfire stories have been circling for decades, told in different iterations across different cultures, borrowing from both imagination and legend.

Take for instance the tale of the Hooked Man, who wreaks murderous havoc on young lovers —  a story with roots in both fiction as well as fact. Or the eerie story about the young woman who mysteriously wore a yellow ribbon around her neck to conceal a deep, dark secret.

These tales of horror, whether spun from folk tales used to teach children a lesson or simple from the depraved mind of some amazing horror writers, all serve to make your unplugged camping experience more fun. So while you're roasting your fresh catch over the fire or simply preparing some delicious s'mores, keep these little stories in your back pocket for a fun and frightful time!

Dinner Party Discovery


Two sisters were traveling when they ran into bad weather in Cape Cod and their car broke down. Looking for shelter from the storm, the pair walked up to an abandoned house and decided to wait until the morning for a tow. During the middle of the night, they were awoken by a glowing figure of a seaman by the non-working fireplace. Thinking they were dreaming the sisters went back to sleep. When they awoke, they found seaweed and salt water by the fireplace. They eventually got a tow into town and discovered the home they were sleeping in actually was owned by a man who drowned. When a stranger offered to send the seaweed to a museum for analysis, the results were bone-chilling...The sisters later went to a dinner party where they met a museum curator who offered to test the seaweed they had found. Days later, they received a note that said....

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The Drip

the drip

This story tells the shuddering tale of a young girl alone in the house with a leaky faucet. The story goes that her parents bought her a dog before they left and the young girl allowed the dog to sleep next to her bed for protection. The night she was left alone, a leaky faucet caused her to wake up several times, checking the bathroom and finding the dripping faucet that would stop. Each time she returned to her bed, she'd place her hand over the side of the bed for a reassuring lick on her hand from her furry protector. After getting up several more times to find no leaky faucet, she heard the noise coming from her closet. She opened the door to a horrific scene...

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