9 Pumpkin-Shaped Wedding Cakes

As fall continues to become the trendiest season for weddings, there are more and more of autumnal brides looking to fashion the theme of their wedding around the season. It isn't hard to understand: the colors are vibrant and golden, the weather hovers between cool and comfortable, and the natural setting fall provides for pictures is astounding. And one thing that everyone, bride or not, goes gaga over is the return of pumpkin, well, everything. So why should wedding cakes not succumb to the trend, too?

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While of course many brides opt for pumpkin-spiced cake flavors, we found a few couples who loved the fall staple so much that they requested their cake be fashioned like one. This iconic fall figure is easily replicated as a traditional tiered wedding cake, but it also drums up the potential for amazing artistry.

Cake sculptors across the nation (and even around the world) are erecting beautiful works of art that encapsulate the fall feel by keeping pumpkins in mind. What we love most is that cake styles can range from stately to playful and still be done with perfect pumpkin precision.

We found some of the most beautiful and quirky pumpkin cakes around, so see what inspires you by taking a look through our slideshow.