9 Food-Themed Gifts For Your Bridal Party

It is a tradition for soon-to-be newlyweds to present their bridal party with a small gift as a token of their affection for being a part of their wedding day. For the length of the engagement, these men and women have stood by the couple, planned special parties for them, and helped them make their event go as smoothly as possible. While many couples gift trinkets and accessories, we say the only way to show someone you really care is to play to their stomachs! Instead of dust-collectors, give your bridal party a tasty thank-you they can enjoy for their own celebrations.

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Offering a host of food-themed treats is not only thoughtful, but it is practical, since the gifts can be enjoyed by both the bridesmaids and the groomsmen.
One way to go is the all-around food lover's gift basket. For the creative types, pick a central theme, perhaps inspired by your respective bachelor/bachelorette parties, and assemble the gift basket accordingly. Include items like cookbooks, drink mixes, cocktail recipes, and non-perishable goodies. For a baking theme, think about including cake mixes, sprinkles, design kits, and pastry bags along with a recipe journal — the possibilities are endless! 

For high-end options, try giving each bridal party member one pass to take a culinary class or attend a wine tasting. Either you can choose to let them attend on any date that suits them or perhaps organize one evening event to bring the entire bridal party back together post-nuptials. 

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