9 Fast-Food Dinner Party Fixes

Drive-thru and takeout favorites to help you in the kitchen when you’re entertaining and short on time

White rice

You’re hosting a dinner party for 12 and planning on making chicken burritos from scratch. There is rice to cook, chicken to roast, beans to simmer, garnishes to prepare… and only then can you roll the burritos.

While you might know your way around a kitchen, that doesn’t mean you couldn't use a little assistance every once in a while. The secret to making burritos a lot easier than it appears? Chinese takeout white rice and rotisserie chicken, of course.

Entertaining guests is stressful enough, so if you can take a load off your back when preparing dinner every once in a while, do it. Maybe that means picking up a bag of McDonald’s fries the next time you’re making steak frites, or serving Boston Market’s mac ‘n cheese with homemade meatloaf. Having friends over for margaritas? Qdoba’s queso (with chips) is an easy snack solution. And, if you’re hosting brunch, don’t forget to pick up a couple of Popeyes' biscuits to make egg and cheese biscuit sandwiches — no getting up early to bake required.

Have another favorite fast-food fix when entertaining? Share it with us below!

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