8 Tips for Serving Uninvited Guests on the Fly

These tips are for when guests just show up at your door unexpectedly

Don't panic when they show up at your door unexpected. Be prepared!

Being a seasoned entertainer means many things.

Follow These Fool-Proof Tips to Avoid an Entertaining Disaster!

It means having a stellar collection of products that are not only essential to hosting successfully but are seasonal and festive. It also means knowing how to manage your time when it comes to planning, prepping, and preparing your home and your menu. And lastly, it means making time to relax before you have a house full of people, because once your guests arrive, a whirlwind of busyness ensues.

If you’ve nodded your head after each of those sentences, bravo! — you’ve mastered the art of hosting. If not, you need not worry; we’ve always got you covered. Now, no matter how much of an expert entertainer you are, there are always those friends or family members of yours who like to throw a wrench into everything and show up uninvited at your home.

We’re sure they don’t mean harm — they just want to see you — but being unprepared for a few guests at your table is never a settling thought.

If we could give you a play-by-play, the scenario would probably go something like this: your friends show up unannounced, you attempt to hide your surprise and welcome them with open arms, and then offer them whatever you have while they insist they’re fine. They’re not fine — always offer guests something, whether they're invited or not.


So, to avoid having to run to your neighbor’s house for coffee creamer or to having to run out to the liquor store for a bottle of wine, we’re supplying you with a few tips to ensure you’ll always be prepared — even if the president shows up at your door. All right, maybe not the president, but you get the idea.