8 Tips for Making Beautiful Latte Art (Plus the World’s Most Creative Latte Art)

Want to master latte art at home? Here’s how
Secrets to a Perfect Latte

Ed Kaufman gives his tips for making a latte

Jane Bruce

Easy tips on making latte art at home.

There’s really nothing more soothing on a cold, winter day than a latte — especially when it’s beautifully done. And while it may take some practice to make your at-home attempt at a latte taste as good as the one from your favorite coffee shop, you can in fact make your own latte art at home, bringing the coffee shop atmosphere to you.

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No one takes latte art — nay, coffee-making — more seriously than the trained baristas at Joe Pro Shop in New York City. And they're not just trained in making coffeehouse drinks; employees learn the very basics, milk and espresso, first. Training takes about a month, but can last up to six months — one employee trained in milk for 10 one-and-a-half-hour sessions to become proficient in milk.

Fortunately, the good people at Joe, and our trusty barista Scout Rose, showed us the ropes of latte-making and latte art, so you don’t have to put in 10 hours of work to learn. The most important ingredient, according to Rose? The milk. "You have to have good milk; it’s the bedrock of your drink," he said.  After you have the basics of lattes down, you can get to the pretty roses, swans, and hearts of hipster coffee shops. "Once you have the basics, there are many designs available to you," said Rose. Want more inspiration? Check out the weirdest, most elaborate, and craziest latte art we found at coffee shops worldwide. With practice, you might even show up that Obama and Romney latte art that everyone buzzed about during the election. 


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