8 Outrageous Wedding Reception Rentals

Congratulations, you're getting married! Now it's time to plan the wedding, but to many, the thought of having a traditional-style reception is far from thrilling. But good news, engaged couples: there are a million ways to punch up your big day. Rental products are options that are both easy and, in many cases, reasonably priced; even one small rental can have a big impact on the mood and theme of your reception.

Rentals that go beyond wedding basics (like tables, chairs, and table settings) often seem wild, impractical, or over-the-top simply because they aren't exactly necessary. However, many wedding rentals can easily bring a creative and atypical (though not necessarily informal) feel to the party, and the rentals you choose — especially food-related products and services — can serve as a catalyst in planning or rounding out the evening's menu.

When picking a rental, think about how it will fit in and influence the rest of your wedding. For example, if you are hoping to convey a playful vibe, consider renting a cotton candy machine for a dessert that will both get your guests talking and will be appealing to all ages. The product you choose to rent should be something that you and your partner enjoy, too. If you both enjoy fine alcohol, or want to bring a sleek or luxe feel to the reception, a custom ice luge brings undeniable glamour to the event, not to mention it's a creative bar add-on and a practical way to keep the shots cold (and coming).

You can get creative with table settings, too. Nearly all couples rent plates, flatware, and glasses for the meal, but stand out from the rest by choosing unique patterns and styles that contribute to the theme of your wedding. If your wedding will have lots of rustic details, continue the theme with rented mismatched floral-patterned china — it will give them impression that you've been collecting for years, and will be much more unique than eating off white plates.

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