10 Kid-Friendly Easter Treats

Have a hopping holiday in the kitchen with the kids


With Easter just around the corner, it’s time to think about how to make it fun for the kids in the family. Whether you're planning for your own children or a big group, it’s time to kick that classic Easter egg hunt to the curb and make this holiday really creative. In the blogosphere, there are tons of moms doing just that — modernizing their family traditions and changing out the stuffy routines of years past for fun, new ways to celebrate.

Changing up the Easter festivities is easy — all you need is a little sugar and a whole lot of imagination. With Easter décor, pastels are prime. At this moment, the local pharmacy is stacked with an aisle of baby pinks, soft yellows, and mossy green chocolates and candy, a perfect palette to start with. Blend the good stuff with healthy and kid-friendly favorites and cooking and baking will become fun and interactive for the whole family.


These holiday recipes will make kids head to the kitchen instead of on a hunt. OK, maybe the hunt can stay — but that’s only because we love bunnies here at The Daily Meal.