8 Great Pitchers For Entertaining

Pitchers are to cocktails what servers are to entrées — they're necessities when it comes to entertaining. When hosting a large group, it's important to make all menu items easily accessible, and that includes beverages.

Check Out These Fantastic Pitchers!

Whether you're pouring the drink yourself or leaving the pitcher on the table for guests to serve themselves, a pitcher is not only convenient, but can be colorful and inviting as well.

Think about great spring and summer drinks — like lemonade, iced tea, or punch. They're perfect alone, but best when served brisk and fresh accompanied by mint, lemons, or berries. It all makes for a gorgeous display.

Cocktails and signature sips like mojitos, margaritas, and Bellinis are always going to be crowd-pleasers, so rather than having to serve them individually to your guests, make big batches and serve them in pitchers so guests can have as many rounds as they please.

Most importantly, always, always have water on the table. If it's a large table, have pitchers of water on either side so guests don't have to pass the pitcher far.

These pitchers fit in a multiple range of budgets and come in various textiles. Trust us when we tell you they'll be a welcome addition to your entertaining collection because they'll bring some serious life to your table.