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If you’re not familiar with The Daily Meal’s Culinary Content Network, you should be. With everything from recipes and food-while-traveling tips to hosting ideas, guidelines for what and what not to drink, and restaurant reviews and recommendations, the Culinary Content Network has it all. New recipes, articles, and reviews are promoted daily and we're bringing them to you in a variety of ways. They're always shared on the homepage (below features), on each channel page (Eat, Drink, Cook, Travel, and Entertain), and are also delivered via our newsletters straight to your inbox.

This week we’re highlighting some of our favorites (although there are so many), that may not have reached you via our other efforts of promotion. We’ve got (to name a few) Super Bowl dip tips, a Downton Abbey-inspired drink, and some restaurant-worthy barbecue ribs. Here they are, but don’t forget to click through.

  • Kitchen Belleicious, "fearless in a gluten-free kitchen," rounds up 20 of her most favorite, Super Bowl-friendly, recipes that she has shared over the years. Both the photos and the recipes are crave-worthy and mouthwatering enough to get you racing to the kitchen for experimental test runs.

  • Accidental Locavore shares her two-cents on Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course (airing on BBC), declaring it one of the only must-watch TV food shows to date.
  • Blogger, Bite Sized, shares delicious-looking photos of her Barbecue Spare Ribs with Cabbage Salad recipe, along with a tutorial of the better-than-takeout, and better-for-you meal. 

  • SippitySup updates warm, cold-weather drinks with a new recipe for a "Warm Cardigan, a hot cocktail." 
  • OMG! Yummy goes all-out on the eggs, providing recipes for "Eggs as Dinner-Fare: Shakshuka Recipe + Other eggsellent Ideas." She’s a big fan of "BFD" (Breakfast for Dinner), including a poached egg cooked in tomato sauce pasta dish (a recipe I’ve grown up with, and one that all should give a try).
  • Hungry Native brings us event coverage on the Big Chili Contest, aka Chilifest, on Martha’s Vineyard. 
  • The Lush Chef (better cooking through libations), whips up a bittersweet after-dinner cocktail, inspired by The Kitchn’s Downton Abbey-themed drinks.
  • From The Tasty Truth, a bona fide pursuit of a delicious life, we get the skinny on Red Rooster Harlem — a 1920s, Ethiopian-Swedish fusion of elegance and "soul," nestled in Harlem.
  • Finally, Creole Contessa, writes up "Dip Baby Dip: 3 Great Super Bowl Dips," with recipes for Cevapi Sausage Dip, Spicy Andouille Chili Con Queso, and Neman Marcus Dip, My Way!

With new recipes and great reviews constantly being posted, the Culinary Content Network helps us bring you literally everything in food and drink. Keep checking back in with us for more — on our homepage, in each of our channels, and especially in our newsletters. 

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