7 Ways To Trim Your Wedding Bar Tab

Weddings are expensive. Today, the average wedding costs somewhere between $22,000 and $37,000  according to TheKnot.com. So, when looking to trim costs, often a bride and groom to-be will turn to the parts of the event that matter least to them — perhaps the catering or the venue, but rarely the bar. Yet, there are some simple strategies to heed to avoid a financial hangover after your wedding.

The bar bill can easily eat up a chunk of your budget. Alcohol alone can represent a significant portion of your reception cost — but it doesn't have to. Instead of coughing up money for the overpriced wine supplied by a venue, instead opt for a location where you can bring in your own wine, perhaps even the same stuff you would have chosen from their list (minus the markup and corkage fee). Or look at the glassware you are using to serve the wine. Avoid the giant, 12-ounce glasses and instead opt for something smaller so guests aren't apt to drink as much.

Aside from looking at what you're serving, consider the time of day your reception is to take place. If you can't afford a free-flowing bar, think about moving the party from later in the night to midday, when people don't drink as much. Using all of these strategies can cut your bar bill in half; selecting a few to follow can easily trim 20 percent off your tab. Some thoughtful planning will allow you to both drink and spend responsibly on your wedding day.

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