7 Unique McDonald's Happy Meals From Around The World

Through the years, not much has changed in the iconic McDonald's Happy Meal. Children around the country can expect the same juicy cheeseburger, classic french fries, and of course the toy. (Who can forget Beanie Babies, or Mulan, the first international Happy Meal toy?)

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Around the world, McDonald's menus vary and draw on local flavors to be more appealing to their target audience. While the regular menu options might be dramatically different than what most of us know in the U.S., the Happy Meal generally remains the same across borders. A choice of burger or chicken nuggets, a side (nowadays a fruit option is consistently offered alongside fries), and a drink, please.

But there are also some menus that have items that are unique to their given location, like a mini calzone in Italy, or a chicken burger with a special spicy sauce in Pakistan. Even more, while American McDonald's might not be known for their ham and cheese, 'McDo' (as it's often called in France) serves a version of the classic croque-monsieur on its Happy Meal menu. 

Curious to learn more? We studied the Happy Meal menus across the world, and these are seven unique Happy Meal items that can only be found in their outlets around the world. Check out the slideshow to see them all!