7 Tips For Hosting A Lemonade Stand

During the summer, kids' activities often consist of hanging out with friends, going to camp, taking family vacations, and basically living in the pool until their fingers are pruney.

But why not make this summer an opportunity for your little ones to get a little proactive when it comes to getting crafty in the kitchen or even learning how to make a few dollars on their own. Yes, we're talking about a lemonade stand.

Tried, true, and classic, a lemonade stand — granted with a solid and beloved lemonade recipe — is basically foolproof. On a scorching, hot day, the citrus refresher is great for passersby who need a little relief. Plus, no one is going to turn down an adorable kid selling it, either.

Sharing her tips for a successful summer stand is Wayfair's Catie Parrish, who is touching on everything from the right tools to the perfect herbs.

Here are a few tips from Parrish: 
1. The night before your lemonade stand, place fresh mint leaves, basil, or diced fruit in your ice trays. Then, fill the trays with water and lemon juice. As they melt, these aromatic ice cubes will give your lemonade an extra splash of flavor without watering it down.

2. Slice lemons, limes, and oranges ahead of time and let customers choose which fruit they'd like for a garnish. Top off each cup of lemonade with a colorful straw.

3. Use sidewalk chalk and a chalkboard to create a colorful sign to attract customers to your lemonade stand. If you're serving more than one type of beverage, create cute name tags to label each pitcher or dispenser.

4. Store extra ice and beverages in a portable cooler to avoid running back and forth to your refrigerator for refills. Encourage the kids to take occasional water breaks to stay hydrated.

5. Have a calculator and a variety of change ready in case a customer shows up with a $10 or $20 bill. Keep a tip jar on the table to encourage generous customers to offer spare change.

6. On a hot summer's day, a bowl of fresh water is a welcome discovery for neighborhood dog-walkers. If your neighbor's pup is thirsty for a drink, chances are your neighbor will be, too!

7. Keep kids cool and sunburn-free by layering on the sunscreen and providing shade with an outdoor umbrella. A few lawn chairs will encourage them to kick back and enjoy spending the day outdoors.