7 Easy Recipes to Help You Go Vegan

Award-winning chef Lisa Books-Williams shares why veganism doesn’t always have to be a challenge

Chef Lisa Books-Williams creates a delicious burger recipe that'll put the days of ground beef behind you.

While the choice to follow a vegan diet is becoming more and more popular these days, forgoing meat, fish, and dairy is no small task. Whether for dietary or ethical reasons, many are choosing to commit to a plant-based diet that abstains from animal products. With our society so often celebrating rich, indulgent, and, most likely, unhealthy foods, vegans are challenged to find options that are not only healthy but satisfying, too.

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While eating vegan may seem like a difficult undertaking, certified Green Living Foods chef Lisa Books-Williams is determined to prove that it is not. Books-Williams is paving the way for followers of the holistic dietary trend and is making it even easier for people to enjoy vegan foods without sacrificing taste, flavor, and most importantly, nutrients. With her degree in recreational therapy, Books-Williams helps many follow a healthy and all-natural diet through her work at her Holistic Therapeutic Care Center, and can soon reach even larger numbers through her all-vegan cookbook she’ll be publishing in the upcoming months.

Books-Williams lost more than 100 pounds on a vegan diet, but if that success story won’t convince you of the diet's health benefits, then maybe the fact that it can also lower your blood pressure; is chock-full of fiber, carbohydrates, and antioxidants; and can prevent diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancers will. The health benefits of eating a vegan diet are endless, and although many people argue against it, the all-natural approach to eating is gaining steam as more and more people are choosing to go animal-free.

As vegans grow in numbers, it’s becoming even more important to educate people on the benefits of veganism. Books-Williams mission is simple: to make veganism accessible and enjoyable for all. If you're a vegan who has a hankering for chili or misses the days of enjoying your mom’s hearty Bolognese sauce, Books-Williams offers a vegan alternative that will help you maintain your diet and satiate whatever craving you can’t shake.