8 Wedding Cake Alternatives You Can Do Yourself

A traditional wedding cake is no longer, well, a tradition. Whether you're looking to trim your wedding budget by cutting the cost of buying a more conventional multi-layered cake, or add a more creative element to personalize your celebration, there are a variety of options to consider, many of which you (and your bridal party and family) can do yourself.

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Move over cupcakes or cake pops of the past! While both are good alternatives to wedding cake, it's time to make room for more inventive treats like a tower of donuts or design-your-own profiteroles. If nothing means more to you and your partner-to-be, honor family bakers both past and present by asking family members to each make and bring a sweet treat whose recipe has been in the family for decades. Certainly your late great uncle George can't be in attendance on your special day, but asking your aunt to make his famous towering coconut cake, he can still be a part of the day. Plus, your guest will find enjoyment in knowing the story behind aunt Josephine's famed lemon chiffon cake. There isn't much meaning in that big wedding caterer's white cake with vanilla buttercream.

Cakes aside, options still abound. Potluck pies, anyone? Who can resist a slice of sweet and gooey blueberry pie, all-American apple, even more exotic varieties like chocolate pecan, key lime, peanut butter icebox, and more. Intimidated by the thought of baking pies for a wedding of 150? Problem is easily solved if you recruit 10 of your friends who are known for their baked confections to each make and bake two pies.

Looking to break the traditional cake mold? Don't feel limited by the highly popular candy or cookie bar options. If you're getting married in the winter, forgo cake in lieu of a cocoa bar where guests can help themselves to cocoas, mixers, and toppings to create a liquid dessert that is sure to warm them up. Not a fan of sweets (or marrying in a place that is known for the locally-made cheese)? Don't even bother with the cake and instead create a stunning spread of soft and hard cheeses, fresh and dried fruits, nuts, jams, crackers, bread, and more for guests to feast on.

Click here to see the 8 Wedding Cake Alternatives You Can Do Yourself Slideshow.