7 Best Edible Wedding Favors (That Aren't Jordan Almonds)

Sure, Jordan almonds are fine, and they're classic, and you can have them dyed in any color — but they're a little, well, boring. With a little ingenuity, you can easily send your wedding guests home with something sweet that they'll really be excited to receive.

When you're planning a wedding on a budget, it's important to take the price of wedding favors into consideration. It's nice to give your guests a little gift to thank them for coming, but when you're paying even $5 per guest, it can get pricey quickly.

These seven wedding favors are cost-effective, whether you buy them or choose to assemble them yourself. Assembling them yourself also gives you another opportunity to be creative with packaging: a tag, label, or paper bag with a note or monogram will make the favors even more personal and bring character to your wedding décor.

Jam, for example, is a favor that is easy to put together and efficient — one batch of jam will fill a lot of small jars. Cut costs further by highlighting what is in season; peaches and blueberries will be much less expensive if you buy them in July rather than in November. Having a winter wedding? Turn late-fall apples into jars of spicy apple butter. Honey is another easy jar-filler. Buy jars in bulk and get in touch with a local beekeeper ahead of time to see if he or she will save some of their harvest for you.

Or, let the guests choose exactly what they want with an assortment of fresh herbs, like fast-growing basil and mint. A month or so before the wedding, buy a big sack of potting soil and a slew of small terra cotta pots. Place a couple of seeds in each pot and watch them grow in the weeks leading up to your wedding. Your guests will be able to choose the herb they like best and get to take home something that will keep on providing them with fresh flavor.

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