626 Market Night In Arcadia

Last Saturday, the 626 Night Market began its residency at Santa Anita Park in Arcaida, the Los Angeles Times is reporting.

160 vendors participate in the evening bazaar, serving food ranging from barbeque to Asian cuisine.

According to the Los Angeles times, the festival is meant to look like the famed Night Markets in Asia, with food stands as well as live music from local artists and merchandise. The first event had over 40,000 attendees.

Notable stands include Kebab Brothers and the Hotato Stand, which serves their famous fried potato on a skewer, a potato chip that you can dip in any number of gourmet sauces.

Patrons can expect to wait on long lines to sample fare such as stinky tofu skewers, Taiwanese sausages, mango shaved ice, and frozen lychee lemonade.

The event occurs four times over the course of the summer, with two dates in June, and one in July and August.