6 Wine and Cheese Pairings


Wine and cheese is a classic combination, but for a novice, it can be tricky to find the best pairings. Hard, fresh and bloomy cheeses can be matched with sweet, tannic and bubbly wines – the possibilities are endless.

Here are 6 perfect pairings for your next classy party or even a casual night in.

Photo by Kelda Baljon

1. Blue Cheese and Riesling

Blue cheeses are pungent and salty, while riesling is a sweet, often citrusy or floral white wine. Put simply, opposites attract. This sweet and salty combination is a real treat for the taste buds.

Try: Hogue Late Harvest Riesling ($10.99) and Carr Valley Billy Blue Cheese ($8.00)

Photo by Bernard Wen

2. Goat Cheese and Sauvignon Blanc

In contrast to the first pairing, these two share common tones: the acidity of the fresh goat cheese matches the tangy notes of sauvignon blanc.

Try: Murphy-Goode Sauvignon Blanc ($14.99) and Mont Chèvre Fresh Goat Cheese ($4.99)

Photo by Bernard Wen

3. Cheddar and Cabernet Sauvignon

As a harder and sharper cheese, cheddar can handle the tannic strength of red wines. Cabernet Sauvignon is often fruity and complements this familiar cheese’s flavor.

Try: Bubo Cabernet Sauvignon ($7.99) and Mild Wisconsin Cheddar ($3.00)

Photo by Bernard Wen

4. Brie and Champagne 

Champagne, or really any dry, bubbly white wine, pairs well with Brie.  The bubbles cut through the creamy sweetness of Brie and allow even more flavor to make its way to your tongue.

Try: Canard-Duchêne Champagne ($39.99) and Brie de Paris ($4.80)

Photo by Bernard Wen

5. Gruyère and Chardonnay

The crisp fruitiness of chardonnay releases sugary notes from the typically nutty Gruyère.

Try: Edna Valley Chardonnay ($14.99) and Le Gruyere Switzerland ($4.59)

Photo by Bernard Wen

6. Gouda and Merlot

While most cheeses tend to work best with white wines (with the exception of cheddar, as mentioned above), Gouda is one of the most flexible cheeses. Merlot is also versatile, as it is fairly mellow for a red wine. Gouda and merlot share similar acidity levels making their pairing sensational.

Try: The Velvet Devil Merlot ($14.99) and Uniekaas Gouda ($5.00)

Photo by Bernard Wen

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