6 Sweet Treats From the Culinary Content Network to Add to Your Dessert Table

Take a look at the decadent desserts from the CCN that are perfect for your next party

How gorgeous is this cupcake? Seriously.

This time of the year usually brings about the idea of lighter fare and less clothing and that’s OK — we’re all about salads and grilled chicken. When it comes to dessert, however, don't slack off in the spring and summer months.

Take a Bite Out of These Great Desserts!

Although we love ice cream all year long, it’s a summer favorite for most people.

When it comes to sweets — whether it is cookies, cupcakes, brownies, etc. — as far we we’re concerned, they’re a must for any gathering, big or small.

So this week in our roundup of party-perfect ideas from our amazing Culinary Content Network, we’re recapping some of their delectable desserts that would make for a show-stopping finale at any soirée from a simple brunch to Thanksgiving dinner.

These include sweets like chocolate salted caramel cupcakes, a perfect milkshake, and muffins so sinful they’ll have you grabbing more than one at brunch.


So skimp on something else, because dessert is here to stay.