6 Quiet Library-Proof Snacks


1. Squeezy applesauce
Are these portable packs geared towards toddlers? Yes, but quite frankly, I couldn’t care less. I have zero shame when I’m downing one of these bad boys at the lib. They’re straight up delicious and come in a variety of flavors, like peach and strawberry. The only noise you’ll make is a quiet click when you screw the cap off.

Photo by Sydney Davis


2. PB&J
Throw it back with this classic combo. Whip up one of these babies before you leave the house and pop it in a plastic baggie. You can eat the sandwich as fast as you want and you won’t make a sound. As an added bonus, the PB will keep you full and give you energy to keep on truckin’.

Photo by Sydney Davis


3. A banana with almond butter
Everyone has sat next to an obnoxious apple-eater, so don’t be THAT dude. You can peel, spread and eat without a peep. Try single-serving almond butter packets to give your banana a delicious makeover. I recommend Justin’s brand, especially the vanilla almond butter. Unreal.

Photo by Sydney Davis


4. Clementines
You may know them as “Cuties,” which is an accurate nickname because they are pretty damn adorable. These baby oranges are transportable and peel flawlessly, even if you bite your nails. Simply remove the peel, pull apart the itty bitty segments and enjoy.

Courtesy of mypotsandfrills.blogspot.com


5. Dark chocolate-covered raisins
Snack on these coated raisins to silently satisfy a sweet tooth. The slight bitterness of the dark chocolate complements the sweetness of the raisins, making your mouth extremely happy. Try adding roasted cashews if you want some (quiet) crunch.

Photo by Sydney Davis


6. Cherry tomatoes and hummus
As much as baby carrots are my favorite dipping veggie, their crunch is both their best quality and their downfall. Instead, try cherry or grape tomatoes. They’re softer AKA no dirty looks. As for the hummus, buy portable packs. You can slowly peel back the foil lid without pissing anyone off.

Photo by Kim Buesser


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