6 Proposal Fails, Caught on Tape

It doesn’t always end well when one gets down on one knee


When it comes to proposing, there is a lot of pressure riding on one guy’s shoulders for a question only four words long. Hours of planning go into that one moment when those words come out of his mouth. But it doesn’t always end as planned.

If you’re set on the idea of taking her to a favorite restaurant, or the place where you took her out on your first date, it helps to let the restaurant staff in on your plans to ease the stress and ensure the Champagne comes out at just the right time. But they’re not going to be able to swoop in and come to your rescue if she notices that you’ve thrown back two too many scotches, and you are too nervous to explain why you’re clammy, anxious, and all too awkward. 

For those planning on asking the love of your life for her hand in marriage, take a minute to stop and learn something from each of the six proposals-gone-wrong below. Are you sure you want to pop the question when you take her to the big baseball game? Remember, all eyes will be on you — for better or worse. Same goes for proposing in front of the family. Maybe you’ve already asked her parents, and revealed the secret to her siblings, but she’s still in the dark. Nothing is wrong with a cocktail to loosen you up, but avoid downing too many. And just remember, if you’re planning on capturing the sentimental moment on tape, consider the worst-case scenario. Do you really want a permanent reminder of your proposal foul on film?


1. He’s the lead singer in his band and keeps everyone in sync. But that's not the case when it comes to his relationship with his girlfriend. Just watch and see what happens when he invites her up to the stage in between sets unexpectedly.



2. For one man, the day couldn’t get any better. He’s at a Minnesota Twins game, sitting next to his girlfriend, and he’s got a ring for her in his pocket. Little does he know what surprise is coming his way when he pops the question.



3. For one man who met his girlfriend outside of a food court Cinnabon, he could think of no better place to get down on one knee, even if surrounded by tens and tens of strangers. But will it end like that first date? Watch and see.



4. ‘Twas the night before Valentine’s Day and the arena was buzzing. While the commentators chat away, they spy a man getting down on one knee in the middle of the court. Is their play-by-play accurate? Listen to find out.



5. This is exactly why one shouldn’t plan on proposing on live TV, or with a microphone in hand for that matter.



6. Even if you've already gone to her parents to ask for her hand in marriage, think twice before popping the question in front of the entire family, especially at the family holiday party.


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