6 Frozen Beach Snacks

For many, summer means one thing: vacation. However, just because you're on a break, it doesn't mean you have to be on a vacation from your healthy diet, too! So when you're spending a relaxing day at the beach, the treats you bring to the sand should be healthy ones.

Instead of turning to unhealthy beach snacks like potato chips or ice cream, try some of these healthy snacks instead. We've rounded up six snacks that are innovative, delicious, and filling, and your kids will enjoy them, too! You'll not only leave the beach with a summer glow and smile, but you'll be satisfied, too — and not have to feel so guilty about it.

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So if you're tempted by that ice-cold frozen chocolate cone being sold on the boardwalk, try snacking on frozen grapes or freeze yogurt droplets for a healthier treat. In almost all of these beach eats, frozen yogurt acts as the main ingredient — so buy tons of it (the healthy versions, of course)!