6 Family-Approved Tailgating Games

Though school is back in session  and the summer has officially gone, this is no time to mourn. There is still plenty of fun to be had with your family, especially since football season has begun. Whether you frequent the collegiate circuit or invest in NFL season tickets, come fall people will find your family in the lot.

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It isn't hard to see what makes this time of year so great. The air is crisp and the days are clear. You are making your famous ribs and knocking back a few cold ones. And all the while (and best of all) you are with your family and friends having a great time.

No matter how big of fans your children may be, tailgating with kids can be challenging. Sure, there is tons of great food to eat and a whole game to watch, but with the attention spans of flies, kids are not likely to settle down for a long game. You want to keep them off their phones and involved in some quality family time, but obviously don't want to include them in questionable games like beer pong and flip cup. But keeping them occupied is actually simpler than you think. All you need to do is invest in some engaging, classic tailgate games. [slideshow:

All of these games are simple to play, and kids of practically any age will be able to participate. They are challenging enough to keep adults involved and fun enough to play all through the tailgate. From toss games like cornhole to twists on old classics, you and your family will have a blast with these games!