52 New Burgers For Hamburger America

The new edition of George Motz's Hamburger America is out and there are some important new additions — burgers from across the country from places have perfected their craft. But how did burgermeister George Motz designate which burgers to add to this pantheon?

"It was pretty easy to select the additional 52 burger joints for the new book because after the first one came out everyone had an opinion on where to find the best burgers," Motz noted. "To be included, it had to be a great burger and have been on the menu for over 20 years."

Ah, so Motz relied on great word of mouth. Well, that's one of the best ways to discover the greatest eats out there, no? If you love burgers but haven't yet gotten your hands on the revised copy of Hamburger America (what are you waiting for?), check out the newest additions. Some have even made Motz's 25 Essential U.S. Burgers, a good checklist if you're want to start an epic burger adventure. Ten of the new 52 can be viewed in the accompanying slideshow.

Click for 52 New Burgers for Hamburger America Slideshow.


52 New Hamburger Entries:

El Mago (Miami, Fla.)

Gordy's Hi Hat (Cloquet, Minn.)

Anchor Bar (Buffalo, N.Y.)

Zaharakos (Columbus, Ind.)

Workingman's Friend (Indianapolis, Ind.)

Fat Mo's (Nashville, Tenn.)

Hunter House (Birmingham, Mich.)

Swenson's (Akron, Ohio)

Linda Mar (Tulsa, Okla.)

JG Melon (New York, N.Y.)

Jack's North Hi (Wichita, Kan.)

Triple XXX (West Lafayette, Ind.)

White Rose System (Highland Park, N.J.)

Wheel Inn (Sedalia, Mo.)

Powers (Fort Wayne, Ind.)

Slick's Drive-In (Mangum, Okla.)

Harden's (Tulsa, Okla.)

Chris Madrid (San Antonio, Texas)

Arnold Burger (Amarillo, Texas)

Pete's (Prairie DuChien, Wis.)

Val's (Hayward, Calif.)

Keller's (Dallas, Texas)

Paul's Tavern (Dubuque, Iowa)

Herd's (Jacksboro, Texas)

Guy's Meat Market (Houston, Texas)

105 Grocery (Washington, Texas)

Kewpee (Lima, Ohio; Lansing Mich.; Racine, Wis.)

Irish Shanti (Marion, Iowa)

Claud's (Tulsa, Okla.)

Blake's (throughout N.M.)

Charlie Beinlich's (Northbrook, Ill.)

Johnnie's (Oklahoma City, Okla.)

Motz Burgers (Detroit, Mich.)

The Spot (Sidney, Ohio)

Cassell's (Los Angeles, L.A.)

Adair's (Dallas, Texas)

Longhorn (San Antonio, Texas)

Hackney's (Glenview, Ill.)

Holiday (Beach Haven, N.J.)

Pak-A-Sak (Enid, Okla.)

Stanley's (Central Falls, R.I.)

Grant's Wonderburger (Chicago, Ill.)

American Legion Post #67 (Lake Mills, Wis.)

Dot's (Wilmington, Vt.)

In-N-Out (Calif., Ariz., Nev., Utah, Texas)

NuWay (Wichita, Kan.)

Penguin Drive-In (Charlotte, N.C.)

Rockaway Athletic Club (Columbia, S.C.)

Zwieg's (Watertown, Wis.)

White Cottage (Woodstock, Vt.)

Whataburger (Mooresville, N.C.)

Convention Grill & Fountain (Edina, Minn.)