50 States, 50 Wedding Planners

Congratulations, you're engaged! You're on the road to eternal happiness, a journey that began the moment you said yes. From now until your wedding day, and even beyond, there will be a ton of magical moments you'll want to savor. And then there will be the moments that will make you question your sanity.

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When you started planning your wedding day, it all seemed so exciting. You most likely had visions of movie-worthy montages, giggling at the reception hall with your vendor, whimsically smelling the blossoms at your flower shop. But in reality, you're most likely hyperventilating over seating charts and freaking out about creating centerpieces. 

And that is OK. While partying may come naturally to some people, being a master at planning a party is an entirely different story. That is where a wedding planner steps in. Like a fairy godmother, they wave their color-coded wand and suddenly you're seamlessly moving through your event stress-free. But finding someone you trust and someone who can make your dreams come true isn't always easy. But fear not Daily Meal readers, because we did all of the legwork for you to make finding your planner a breeze. 

Last year we pulled together a list of 50 event planners from across the nation, people who could transform any party into an affair to remember, taking cues from beloved blogs and several high-end sites. But when you are planning for an event as momentous as your wedding, you want someone who has panache and know-how for your specific needs.

That is why this year we researched a variety of wedding planners and coordinators across the country that can help you plan your day according to your needs. We compared several user-review sites like The Knot's Wedding Channel and Wedding Wire to find the most-reviewed and highly ranked planners on the net. We considered including planners at several price points and highlighted what made them stand out from their state's competitors.

Whether you are considering completely handing over the reins of your wedding or just need a little help with its structure, we have someone to help you on your journey — no matter where you live!