5 Wedding Table Icebreakers

There is a lot to worry about on your big day and your guests getting along should be the least of your concerns! With guests from all different phases of their lives who may not know each other, brides and grooms want to provide unique and painless opportunities to interact.

Follow These Tips to Breaking the Ice Among Guests on Your Big Day! 

Ultimately, the bride and groom each have their own guests—long distant cousins and uncles twice removed the soon-to-be-spouse may not even know. No guest is going to know every single person in attendance and that's okay!

Games and icebreakers for weddings can be lots of fun. Warning: not every guest will want to join in. Some party poopers will surely hear the word, 'ice breaker' and make a bolt to the bathroom stalls. Others will groan, but despite themselves will have fun!

Keep in mind, everyone in attendance is there for you—after all, it's your big day! However, if you are that apprehensive about painful table silence and blank stares, here are some cute ideas that might ease the awkwardness for the strangers sharing tables!