5 Tips to Remember for Easy Entertaining

We’ve decoded the essential elements of a perfect get-together
Setting the table

Setting the table

3. Keep it Simple

There is a time and place for a formal dinner party with an elaborately set table complete with full place settings, fine china, and crystal wine goblets. If you’re looking to make hosting a get-together painless, however, it’s best to leave most of those dishes in the cabinet. As long as your house is clean (that really is most important — you don’t want to reveal any of your unkempt tendencies to your friends) all you need to set the scene is have placemats on the tables, a stack of plates and silverware at the ready, some cocktails and beverages chilling, and some of your favorite music playing softly.


4. Take Shortcuts if Necessary

There is no need to create a multi-course menu every time you entertain. After all, entertaining is more about being with friends or family rather than the food. So taking a short-cut and using store-bought ingredients when preparing the appetizer or dessert is fine. (In fact, it’s a secret that those who entertain often rely on.) Choose things that you can assemble in advance, like a plate of charcuterie or cheeses, or that don’t need to be heated, like crostini or chips and crudités with dips.


5. Be Prepared

Nothing is worse than arriving to a dinner party where the host isn’t ready, running frazzled around the kitchen, or still upstairs getting dressed. According to Liza Utter, former restaurateur and a celebrated party host, the success of a party begins with the host. If they are relaxed and happy, the guests will be, too. Whether it’s by enjoying a bath with a glass of bubbly earlier in the afternoon, blasting the music and singing along as you set the table, or giving yourself a party-time deadline that is a half-hour before the actually start of the party, do whatever you find is helpful to put yourself at ease.

What are your tips and tricks for easy entertaining? Share them below!