5 Ways To Know You're Buying Fresh Fish

We're all aware of the adage that beauty is skin deep. But let's face it, the first thing we notice when we meet someone is their exterior beauty: their skin, their eyes, their scent, and their overall appearance. In short, we notice the way they present themselves to the outside world. And things are no different at the local fish market. We've compiled a list of specific things that you can look for in a fish's appearance to make sure you are getting the freshest available.

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Like with dating, in the fish market, you have to be privy to how the exterior of each fish looks. In particular, make sure you check out the the skin and the eyes. Even the touch of the skin gives you important clues as to whether or not your choice is a worthy investment. So, size up your fish choice like you would a life partner.

Check out this list before your next trip to the fish market. It will help you to learn when a fish is good-to-go or if you need to look for other fish in the sea. Keep these tips in mind and you're sure to get the freshest fish available. Remember, don't be afraid to get up close, poke, and pry at the fish. The fresher the fish, the tastier that it will be.