5 Parties In A Crock-Pot

With the holidays right around the corner, your inner hostess is likely to be having a full-fledged panic attack. There are centerpieces to create, decorations to put up, and guest lists to curate, along with perfect table settings  to plan, unbelievable playlists to program, and dozens of favors to make. It is your job to make sure that the wine is perfectly chilled and the conversation doesn't stop. And on top of all of that, you're supposed to cook a fabulous meal and mingle with guests. How can you keep yourself out of the kitchen and in with the in-crowd? Two words: slow cooker.

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This gift from the kitchen-appliance gods is not merely a weeknight quick-dinner helper. This little invention is capable of cooking everything from full menus to quick party appetizers that would otherwise need a ton of TLC.

The morning of your party, you simply throw your ingredients in and let the magic happen. The best part is that come party time, you (and your hands) will be free to mix and mingle with other guests and party dishes.

But what exactly can you use the appliance for? We found five recipes in our archives that will make your party perfect by simply plopping ingredients in a slow cooker.