5 More Regional Burger Chains That We Wish Were National

You wrote in, and we responded with some of your favorite hometown spots

The Fat Doug Burger from B Spot comes with coleslaw, pastrami, swiss cheese and mustard

After we published our list of 10 Regional Burger Chains That We Wish Were National, we received many responses from our readers urging us to consider their favorite regional spots. Considering how passionate some of us can be about our burgers, on top of our hometowns, we’re hardly surprised!

Check out our list of 5 More Regional Burger Chains That We Wish Were National Slideshow!

To be clear, we understand why some of you all might have wondered why we didn’t include Five Guys or Shake Shack on our list. We certainly love these burger joints as much as the next person, but with Shake Shack’s national and international locations, and Five Guys' multiple locations across the United States, they just didn’t fit our regional criteria.

In any case, we still wanted to highlight some of your recommendations, since establishments like the beloved Varsity Drive-In in Atlanta and Southern chain Cook Out are regional chains that we overlooked that any burger lover needs to visit.

From burgers topped with chili and coleslaw made by your neighborhood line cook to gourmet burgers topped with pastrami designed by an Iron Chef, check out our slideshow to see five more of your favorite hometown spots.


Meredith Whitman contributed reporting to this article.