5 Fall Seafood Stew Recipes

As summer turns to fall, and our meals change to include heartier fare, seafood soups make it a seamless, savory transition. They're light yet satisfying, deeply flavorful, and fresh.

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My favorite thing about seafood soups and stews is using a variety of fish and shellfish in one recipe to create complex tastes. Combining mild cod or other whitefish with robust shellfish like shrimp or clams creates a rich blend of flavor. Add an assortment of fresh vegetables and simple herbs, and there are endless combinations for seafood soups that can lead us into fall and through the winter with cozy, crave-able meals.

Cultures around the world all have their own take on seafood stews, so it's a great way to explore global flavors. From Italian to Creole to Latin and Mediterranean, this collection of broth-based soups shows off a great variety of seafood, including many species native to those regions. These comforting, tasty dishes provide a great vehicle to prepare fish in a new way, and experiment with some different choices at the seafood counter. So break out your biggest bowls and enjoy these seafood stew recipes.

- David Pilat, Whole Foods Market